In matters pertaining to Malaysian immigration, we shall provide our clients with information and documentation to obtain various passes.

Among The Common Passes Involving Foreigners in Malaysia :

1. Employment Pass
Employment pass (EP) is issued to foreigners to be employed in Malaysia for a duration of minimum 24 months. The application is made to a committee which sits for a meeting every 2 weeks. The committee will evaluate the Company and the position applied for before granting approval. There is no levy imposed for this pass. 

2. Dependant Pass 
Dependant Pass (DP) is issued to the immediate family of the foreigner who has been issued with EP. If the dependant is the child of the foreigner with an EP, he or she must not be more than 21 years old otherwise, the child will be issued with a social pass, which is more costly and need to renew every 12 months. For a VPTE holder, his or her dependant will only be issued with a social pass. 

3. Professional Visit Pass  
Professional Visit Pass (PVP) is applicable for foreigners who are seconded to Malaysia but employed and paid salary abroad for a period less than 12 months.