Agensi Pekerjaan A.S.K. Sdn. Bhd (APASK) had its humble beginning in 2002.It was started with the mission to provide well trained domestic helper for households so that the employers can go out and earn a living with a peaceful mind.After more than a decade in this business, APASK has become a household name in Malaysia for employers who want to hire domestic helper. 

We have bilateral arrangements with foreign domestic helper agencies from the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.  Our counterparts in these countries are made up of reputable agencies. .  We conduct frequent inspections, dialogues and training collaboration with our foreign associates to ensure that the training provided to the domestic helpers is in accordance to the requirements of the Malaysian households. 

We are fully licensed by the Malaysian Human Resources Ministry, Malaysian Immigration Department and the respective Foreign Embassies.  We are also a member of Malaysian National Association of Employment Agencies.  We treat employers and domestic helpers professionally and with respect.  We believe, domestic helpers must be accorded due respect. They are  away from their homes, therefore, we ensure that we provide them with the mandatory orientation program and subsequently, if needed, additional counselling is also offered,. 

Going forward, we are proposing to establish a local placement arm to diversify our business and better position ourselves in the labour hire business. 

We have a long established and professional working relationship with the Malaysian Immigration Department. As a result of this good relationship, we are able to also provide  other Immigration Consultancy such as:

1.    Expatriate Services

a.    Employment Pass

b.    Dependant Pass

c.    Professional Visa


2. Domestic Helpers Services

a.    Check Out Memo

b.    Renewal

c.    Transfer of Employer

d.    Special Pass